The Parable of the Lost Sons

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    The Parable of the Lost Sons

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    I was thinking about Jesus’ parable in Luke 15:11-32 this morning.

    The title given by the different publishers varies:

    Based on a message I heard awhile about I think the best title might be, The Parable of the Lost Sons because both sons were lost for different reasons.

    Younger BrotherOlder Brother
    Loved the Father’s stuffLoved the Father’s stuff
    Hated the Father (Lost)Hated the Father (Lost)
    Rebelled to get the stuff soonerFollowed rules to get the stuff
    Returned and repentedNever repented and remained lost

    The parable is being told to and about the religious leaders – “rule followers” and therefore the main character in the story that most of us need to identify with is the older brother. How often am I following rules so God will bless me and give me what I want? It’s like an agreement or formula: I do A, B, C and then God, if He is good, has to give me X, Y, Z!

    The correct take-aways from the parable are that God is loving and compassionate, He wants a close and loving relationship with us, He wants to bless us, and our love for Him should be our motive to doing everything.